the Baddest, Funniest, most Unapologetic Comic Series Ever Created!

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The Assholios Comic Book

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The Assholios are wild, fearless and provocative. A mix of human and alien DNA, they’re asses on legs with personalities large enough to have you as astounded by what they do and say, as you will be by the way they look. They’re like nothing you’ve ever seen before, so get on side with them, because, believe us, you don’t want to have them as an enemy…


What is Assholios?

“From the far side of an orbiting laboratory, a mutant mixture of human and alien DNA, with the loudest, rudest, most unapologetic sense of humour in the galaxy – you’ve never met anyone like the Assholios. Prepare to be offended, prepare to be entertained and prepare to accept that you just can’t prepare for meeting creatures like this…”



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Come and join our revolution! Don’t be an asshole. Be an Assholio!